Choosing the best organic crib mattress for your baby in 2019

New born babies are commonly exposed to harmful chemicals even when you don’t realise it. The alarming thing is that most of these chemicals were never tested for the level of toxicity and its effects on young children and babies. Most of the crib, porta crib mattresses, cradles etc. that are available in the market all contain harmful chemicals, and most parents are not even aware of it. The challenge is that not all organic mattresses are free of chemicals. There are some that contain unsafe and harmful materials, and it is your duty to do your research before purchasing a organic crib mattress for your baby.

The exposure of your baby to the mattress is up close, long term and even extensive. Babies tend to sleep on top of their mattresses for long hours lasting from 10 to 14 hours or even more. These are very delicate developmental years of their lives, and they are directly exposed to the mattress that they sleep on, absorbing and breathing whatever chemicals and substances are there in the mattress. This is why it is highly important to choose the right organic crib mattress that is safe and free of any kind of chemicals which could potentially be harmful to young babies with prolonged exposure.  

Newton Crib Wovenaire Mattress

Newton Wovenaire Crib Mattress- 100% breathable design proven to reduce suffocation risk. Beyond organic- fully washable, UL Greenguard Gold Certified lowest VOC’s, non-toxic and hypoallergenic. White

For those of the parents for whom safe material is a priority when it comes to crib mattress, then the Newton Wovenaire is one of the top choices. It is also popularly purchased by a lot of parents because it is an organic crib mattress.

This one will give you and your spouse peace of mind because it has a no risk of suffocation with the firm mattress.

Product Highlights:

  •    Certified with Greenguard Gold which means the absence of allergens, glue, springs, latex or even foam
  •    100 per cent recyclable
  •    Suitable for toddlers and infants (2 stage)
  •    Easily washable
  •    Hypoallergenic and widely recommended by pediatricians


  •    Provides a firm and flat mattress because of the 252 innerspring heavy duty coils
  •    The border rods also offers additional support at the edges and the sides of the mattress
  •    Hypoallergenic with the natruepedic mattress. Does not contain wool or latex
  •    Covered in organic cotton which is a waterproof fabric acting as a bed bug and dust mite barrier
  •    Easy cleaning by simply wiping off accidental spills with use of a damp cloth


  •    Quite expensive compared to other baby crib mattresses in the market
  •    More laundry time because mattress is water resistant and not waterproof

Mom's Guide 2019: The Best Organic Crib Mattress For Your Baby 2

Moonlight Slumber Mattress

Moonlight Slumber Little Dreamer Dual Sleep Surface Crib Mattress - Waterproof, Hypoallergenic, and Antimicrobial Lightweight Crib Mattress with Extra Firm Infant Side and Plush Toddler Side

The Moonlight Slumber organic crib mattress is the best pick for you if you are looking for a budget friendly, lightweight infant, hypoallergenic and water resistant mattress for your baby or toddler.

Product Highlights:

  •    Dual firmness with plant infused extra firm foam on infant side and synthetic latex pressure reducing foam on toddler side
  •    Supple and soft removable cover which is odor and stain resistant, washable in machine and zips off quite easily
  •    Does not include any halogens, PVC, Chlorine, Antimoney, Arsenic, Phosphorous, Phthalates, PBB, PBDE, Vinyl, Tris, Nanoparticles, etc


  •    Dual purpose mattress which is designed to grow with the baby. “new born” side offers high density extra firm memory foam for support and safety for your new born’s needs. The “toddler” side provides high density and firm foam for just a little cushioning that gives a body hugging support
  •    Free from all kinds of harsh chemicals that usually cause allergies and respiratory problems
  •    Nylon cover and side stitched seams for hypoallergenic and waterproofing
  •    Ultra Fresh treated for protection from any microbes and can be wiped clean easily with damp sponge or cloth


  •    Thin outer nylon so you will have to purchase another cover for the mattress
  •    Odor after product unwrapping so you need to air it for at least 72 hours

Mom's Guide 2019: The Best Organic Crib Mattress For Your Baby 3

Colagate Dual Firmness ECO CLASSICA III

Colgate Eco Classica III Dual firmness Eco-Friendlier Crib mattress, Organic Cotton Cover

The Colgate Dual Firmness Eco Classica III is an organic crib mattress that is currently very popular for its dual firmness, organic cotton cover and eco friendly features. With its dual use, this mattress will grow with your young infant and will save you a lot of money because mattresses are expensive and babies outgrow them pretty quickly.

Product Highlights:

  •    Manufactured in the USA and bears the certification of Green Guard Gold which means it is safe for use among young infants
  •    The inner cover is made of medical grade material
  •    Mattress cover is also odor and stain resistant with protection against harmful bed bugs and termites
  •    Woven barrier for fire is free from chemicals that are fire resistant
  •    Does not contain any trace of harmful chemicals like Chlorine, Antimony, Arsenic, Phosphorous, Phthalates, PBB, PBDE, Vinyl, PVC, Nanoparticles, Tris, Halogens, etc
  •    Dual mattress firmness to grow with your baby


  •    There is no odor coming from the mattress
  •    It is completely made of eco friendly materials
  •    Enables easy cleanup
  •    It is very lightweight
  •    Mattress is dual sided


  •    Stains, when set in, are quite difficult to clean up
  •    Edges of the mattress are rounded rather than squared

Mom's Guide 2019: The Best Organic Crib Mattress For Your Baby 3


Before you go ahead and buy an organic crib mattress for your new born baby, always consider several factors that make for a good and reliable mattress. To find the safest option for your little one, always look into the filling material. Make sure it does not have harmful chemical additives which are toxic to humans. The waterproof covering should also be made of safe organic cotton. Steer clear of any PVC or Vinyl covering which is one of the most toxic and environmentally unsafe plastic in the market today. Babies breathe in the plasticisers when they sleep and even it gets absorbed into their skin. Polyurethane foam is also highly inflammable and when ignited will burn very quickly. Opt for mattresses that use safe and organic flam resistant materials so that your baby’s life and health is not jeopardised when exposed to their sleeping mattress.

Remember that not all cotton materials are organic. It all depends on the way the products are raised, grown and then processed according to the country’s agricultural standards. Organic wool would also mean that the animals were fed only organic food and reared without the use of any synthetic pesticides and hormones.

Babies deserve only the best and the safest products to ensure better health. Avoid using any poor quality mattresses for crib. Let the best organic crib mattress protect your child when sleeping and playing.