Buying an organic crib mattress for your baby is not a difficult task, if you know exactly what to get. Babies spend a large part of their lives in the first year sleeping, in fact most babies sleep for at least 14-16 hours on an average, every single day. As such, since majority of the baby’s time is spent in their cribs, so it should be the safest and the most comfortable experience for them. The better the babies sleep, the better they will grow.

What is an organic crib mattress?

Choosing the right mattress for the baby’s crib is very important, especially if you are concerned about the safety of the chemicals which are generally used in manufacturing of the beds which babies sleep in. Choosing to buy organic crib mattress for the baby’s crib is the best idea. There are certified organic crib mattresses which are easily available that are made of all natural wool or organic cotton and may be quite pricey but at the end of the day, are worth the money due to the safety and peace of mind that it provides. Organic baby mattresses do not contain industrial compounds or chemicals which can result in allergic reactions in infants or in emission of toxic gases.

How to choose an organic baby mattress

When you are looking to buy an organic baby mattress for the crib, look for certification which is called Greenguard which measures the total chemical emissions from the mattress. There is also an Oeko-tex standard 100 certification that helps to provide assurance that there are no heavy metals present in the baby’s mattress.

It is however not easy to choose the right organic cribmattress as it may claim to be organic but the only thing organic about it might simply be the cover which is made of organic cotton or it may be organic from the inside with a plastic cover on top. Many people get fooled when they buy mattresses which are more than 85% plastic but are being advertised as being natural or organic baby mattresses. As such it is important to look for the relevant certifications so that the customer does not get fooled by such claims.

Why choose organic baby mattress

Regular baby mattresses and other soft sofas contain Brominated Fire Retardant materials which are banned in many countries as it contains harmful chemicals which can lead to children developing developmental problems with motor skills and learning as well as cancer and thyroid issues. Such mattress also contain cheap glue which can be toxic to children as well as vinyl which is common in waterproof mattresses and can be quite toxic to breathe in as it smells and is not suitable to be used by a baby who would be sleeping on it for many hours. Moreover the vinyl material cracks and feces, sweat or urine can seep into the material and release unhealthy air for the baby to breathe in.

Last words

Whether it is eating healthy or sleeping healthy there is always a healthier option to choose from, even if such options did not exist before. Thanks to technology there is more awareness now to make more informed choices. Since a baby needs to be in a safe environment, why not start with giving them a safe and healthy sleeping space? Choosing an organic mattress for the baby will protect them from harmful substances, chemicals and emissions and keep them healthy and safe.

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