Whether you are a new or an expecting parent, chances are you have spent quite some time shopping for your new baby. Most baby shopping generally revolves around baby clothes, accessories and nappy changing items.

Baby furniture or setting up the baby nursery is also important which includes the baby crib, but many a times, the crib mattress is not given much importance and many people do not even know that they should actually invest in the best crib mattress for the baby’s safety and health reasons.

Why choose the best crib mattress

Babies are obviously not picky about where they want to sleep and they end up sleeping wherever they can. Babies however, spend quite a lot of time sleeping in the first year of their lives: about 18 hours in a day!

Having a good crib mattress can actually be a blessing in disguise for the parent or the caregiver as well, as the better the crib mattress for the baby, the better sleep they would get and the more time you would have to yourself.

Moreover, safety is also a very important aspect when choosing the right type of crib mattress for your baby as you should avoid synthetic fabrics and chemicals to come in contact with your baby as much as possible.

It should be the best crib mattress possible

When choosing the best crib mattress for your baby make sure you choose a mattress that is actually a crib mattress with the right size and not a playard or a bassinet mattress.

Even if there is a soft mattress type available, like a cushion or a pillow, you should not be using it if it is not meant for a crib. Never improvise when it comes to the baby’s safety which is highly important as the baby needs to have a good sleep in order to grow in a healthy way.

The size of the mattress

Most available cribs and crib mattresses are of standard sizes, and, therefore, you can buy a crib of any brand and choose the best crib mattress to go with it.

However, if you are looking for any particular shape, such as round shaped mattress then you may need to check mattresses which are specially designed for odd shaped cribs. However, if you have a regular shaped crib then buying a mattress to go with it shouldn’t be a problem but you must make sure it is of the right size and fits perfectly.

Mattress materials

Choosing the right material for the baby crib is also quite important and you may have to choose between the most popular options, foam or coils. The foam mattresses are generally less expensive as compared to the coil ones and as equally safe as long as they are not too soft.

They are also quite lightweight. When it comes to coil mattress, you can check the number of coils there are in the mattress as the greater the number of coils in the coil mattress, the firmer it would be. It is advisable never to go for a very soft mattress as it can be dangerous for the baby and cause SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome).

Mattress covers

When looking for the best crib mattress, you must also consider the cover of the mattresses as well. There are some mattresses which are available which have an anti microbial covering on the top, which helps to reduce the possibilities of germs which can spread from spit ups and from diaper accidents. Something like this is what we’re talking about:

Essential Information About Choosing the Best Crib Mattress 1

You must also check how the cover is sealed and whether or not it appears sturdy and if there is a possibility that it can split open? If there are allergies in the family, then it is best to go for a fully sealed mattress which will keep the allergens at bay. Some of the surface areas of the mattresses are so comfortable that there is no requirement for any bed sheets on the crib mattress.

Breathability and Waterproofing

Another important aspect you must consider for the best crib mattress is whether or not it is breathable. A traditional mattress which is not breathable can never fulfill the requirements such as safety and germ protection, which a breathable mattress can.

A mattress can be referred to as breathable if the baby can sleep in it safely and there is passive airflow through the mattress. If babies are sleeping face down on the mattress it can cause breathing problems which may result in Sudden infant death syndrome or SIDS which is quite common in babies. As such, using a breathable mattress which is made in a way to allow the ideal airflow reduces the chances of suffocation.

If the mattress is waterproof this means that the mattress would probably stay in a good condition for longer and having a wipe clean surface helps in the cleaning process. The ability to absorb any moisture can help a baby sleep faster even if you require a change of bed sheet in the middle of the night!

Cost of the mattress

The cost of the mattress is yet another consideration when choosing the best crib mattress. The best ones are generally not very expensive which are also durable, of good quality and safe. You can also get a great waterproof one in an affordable price range easily.

The organic or the allergy reducing mattress covers are the ones which are generally more expensive than the regular ones but these are just as good if you are looking or a comfortable and durable crib mattress for the baby.

Last words

Sleep is extremely important for the baby, as well as for the mother. As such, there should be no compromise on the quality when choosing the best crib mattress for the baby.

It should have all the right features, such as the right fit on the crib, easy for you to change the bed sheets whenever there is a need and lastly, it should also be comfortable for the baby to sleep in.